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When can I expect to receive my report?

We aim to deliver all our reports within 24/48 hours, from the date of the survey taking place.

Do all surveys include a valuation?

No, Valuations can be included in reports on request at an additional cost.

How do I book my survey?

You will be provided with our booking in form to instantly instruct us

How will I receive my report?

Once your report has been uploaded by the surveyor and has gone through its respective quality control checks, it will be sent to you via email as a PDF document. Hard copies are available on request at an additional fee.

I’ve booked my survey, what happens now?

Once your booking is finalised and secured in the surveyor’s diary you will be sent a confirmation email. Following that, if there are no issues, you may not hear from us again until your report is ready to be sent to you.

How much is a survey?

The cost of each survey is completely subjective to each individual property and is based on the size of the property, it’s approximate value and the type of report requested. Plus VAT.

How long does a survey take?

Again, this is totally subjective to each individual property and will depend on the size of the property, the condition of the property and the type of survey requested. Generally, for our most in-depth report, the RICS Building Survey, we will allocate a three-hour time slot. However, it may not take this long.

What is a reinstatement cost?

Put simply, it is the full cost of rebuilding the property from scratch and the repatriation of any grounds and/or outbuildings. The reinstatement cost is normally calculated for insurance purposes.

Can I request a specific surveyor?

We will always try our best to accommodate any requests made, however, we cannot guarantee that any one specific surveyor will be available at that time.

Will the surveyor check for asbestos?

During the inspection, if the surveyor notices any elements which they suspect may contain asbestos, then they will make a note of this in the report. However, the surveyors are not asbestos inspectors and do not carry out an asbestos identification survey.

Can I accompany the surveyor during the inspection?

Yes, however, we require written confirmation from the estate agent/vendor stating that it is okay for you to be in the property unaccompanied, as our insurance policy will only cover the surveyor. While we have no specific issue with you being at the property at the time of inspection, we would ask that you come as near to the end of the inspection as possible, so as to ensure the surveyor has sufficient time and focus to complete the inspection.

Can I share the report with any third parties?

We strongly recommend that you urge caution when sharing reports. One of the main benefits of a survey is that it can be used for negotiating the property price if there are repairs needed on the home you are purchasing. We advise that you only pass it on to your solicitor, however you are free to share it with anyone you wish.

There are specific elements/issues I would like the surveyor to look at/consider. How do I go about this?

Upon booking your survey we ask that you email any specific requests to the booking agent, who will then include these in the appointment notes.

Are your surveyors qualified?

Yes, all the surveyors we employ are qualified with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the leading regulatory authority in the industry.

I need to cancel a survey I have booked, what is your policy on this?

We require notification two full working days prior to the date the survey is due to take place to process a full refund. For example, we would need notification on a Tuesday to cancel a survey booked in for the Friday of the same week.

Do you test services (e.g. gas, electrics etc.) during your inspection?

No, chartered surveyors are not qualified gas or electric engineers so are not able to test these services by law.

However, the services are subject to a visual inspection and are usually ‘rated 3 – we recommend testing by a qualified professional.’ Surveyors will lift covers to drainage inspection chambers, if possible. Again, this is purely a visual inspection and does not constitute testing.

Will the surveyor lift floor coverings/move furniture?

No, our surveys are non-intrusive and so unless an area is readily accessible it will not be inspected. Surveyors will look in the roof space and in cellars (if readily accessible), however, they will not move furniture or lift floor coverings/floorboards.

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I recently used Modrics Surveyors for a structural survey on a house I was buying. I found them to be extremely professional and reliable. The report was extremely thorough and was turned around promptly. The surveyor was able to answer all of my questions. A pleasure to do business with them and would highly recommend.

S Edmunds

We was so impressed with the accuracy and professionalism provided by Modrics. I received a quote within 15 minutes of my request, and it was booked in 2 days after and I received the report a day after the inspection. Very pleased with the service from start to finish.

R Johnson

Very happy with service provided, was booked in quickly for a Tuesday report delivered on Wednesday. Lots of information and the rough costs really helped guide us.

L Bean

A very thorough report issued covering all aspects of the property which was then used as a successful negotiating tool. Very happy with the service supplied. Thanks again.

V Oakes

Really happy wit the the service I received from the Team at Modrics. The report provided was detailed and contained pictures and outlined costs for the works.

Edmund Lucas

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