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Our London based Architectural Design Services Package is typically comprised of five to seven steps, though clients can choose to use any of our services if and when they need to.

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A relationship of trust with our clients is fundamental to our business. We always discuss fully with our clients the extent of the services they require from us. In this way we ensure that their objectives are met and they are entirely satisfied with the service they receive.

By ensuring that our clients are always fully satisfied and receive value for money, we find that they have no hesitation in using our services again and recommending us to others.

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We can provide both consultations and applications for construction projects that require planning permission with various local authorities. These applications may be anything from small outbuildings to sky scrapers. We specialise in Residential and commercial projects.


We work with various Building Control Authorities throughout the U.K. from local authority control bodies to private companies and consultants. We can provide building control advice for various construction projects of all sizes.

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Building Regulation Plans

When designing building projects of all sizes they must comply with the Building Regulations. The Approved Documents aid us to enable compliance to these regulations.


As well as the Building Regulation Drawings we provide a specification for most projects. This Specification includes information with regards to the construction details to enable clarity of the designed project so that the contractor or contractors understand how to implement their trades and use of materials chosen.

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