What is a Party Wall?

A party wall is a wall that is shared between two adjoining properties. It is typically found in terraced or semi-detached houses, as well as buildings with multiple apartments. If you are planning to carry out structural work that will affect a party wall, you will need to obtain permission from your neighbors before proceeding with the work.

Examples of loft conversion projects that may require permission from neighbors regarding the party wall include cutting into the wall, using it as a load-bearing wall for a beam, inserting a damp course, demolishing and rebuilding part of the wall, removing a chimney breast, increasing the thickness or height of the wall, or cutting projections off the wall.

What is a Party Wall Agreement ?

A Party Wall Agreement is written consent given by the neighbors who could be affected by your loft conversion or other renovations. This agreement is governed by the Party Wall Act 1996 and provides additional rights and regulations beyond common law. It helps prevent and resolve disputes between neighbors and outlines the schedule, form, rights, and duties of each party involved. It is important to note that obtaining a Party Wall Agreement is in addition to obtaining any necessary planning permission and building regulation approvals for your loft conversion.

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