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What is a Party Wall Notice?

A Party Wall Notice is a formal document that informs your neighbours about your proposed building works. It is recommended to have a surveyor prepare this notice to ensure that it complies with legal requirements and to help facilitate a smooth process. Mistakes in the notice could leave you liable in the future.

The Party Wall Notice should include your name and address, the address of the building where the works will take place, a detailed description of the proposed works including plans and drawings, and the proposed start dates.

There are several rules that govern the Party Wall Notice, including:

– The notice must be served at least two months before the intended start date.

– The owners of the adjoining properties must have the right to consent or raise objections to the works.

– The notice must be served to the legal owner of the property, which may not always be the person living there.

– The notice must provide the owners with the right to appoint their own surveyor.

– The owners must have the right and opportunity to protect their own property during the works.

– The notice must include all the required information as specified in the Party Wall Act.

Once the notice has been served, the surveyors involved will follow a specific procedure to ensure that all parties reach an agreement.

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