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What is a Party Wall Award?

A Party Wall Award is a legal document that outlines the rights and responsibilities of the Owner initiating building works and the owners of adjacent or nearby properties. In London and the UK, this document is crucial in accordance with the Party Wall Act.

The Award is created by party wall Surveyors or an agreed Surveyor who represents both the Building Owner and the Adjoining Owner. It specifies the works covered by the Party Wall Act, which are often just a part of a larger construction project. The Award includes details about the timing, manner, and even includes drawings and method statements.

To ensure that any damage caused by the party wall works is repaired by the Building Owner, a schedule of condition is typically included. This schedule records the condition of the neighbouring property before any work begins, serving as a reference point if damage occurs.

Since the Award is a legal document, it is recommended to keep it in a safe place, ideally with the property’s Deeds. It can be a valuable source of information in the future to clarify the scope of completed works and determine which party initiated them.

In some cases, an Award may be retroactively put in place if no Notice was served but works were carried out that fall under the Party Wall Act. This may be necessary if damage has been caused to neighbouring properties.

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