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The Party Wall Act obliges property owners to serve formal Notice on their neighbours of building works that might affect the party structure between their properties. If you haven’t had a Notice and works have started, then knock on their door and ask what is happening, it may be that the building works don’t require a Notice. If you are not certain, contact us to find our more.

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Typically, you will have been sent a Notice which may underline either ‘consent’ or ‘dissent’ to the works. This sounds like you can prevent works going ahead – but it doesn’t. If you ‘consent’ then the work will proceed without any checks under the Act. We always recommend that adjoining owners dissent to the Notices as this will ensure you will have the protection of the Party Wall Act rather than relying on a personal claim if things go wrong. When you dissent you need to appoint a surveyor to help you along the way in this process. This can be the same surveyor, since the surveyor has to be impartial under the Act, effectively working for the best interests of the wall – something that may not be easy if the surveyor is also the designer

Your neighbour is required to pay all of the surveyor’s reasonable costs so it should cost you nothing. After this, your property will be inspected by the surveyor(s) and its condition recorded. Then a Party Wall Award document is issued detailing the works and also any precautions that might need to be taken to protect your property. The works then go ahead and your property is inspected on completion to check for any damage. If there is damage, then you have the choice of letting their contractor put it right or taking compensation instead.

The Party Wall Act The Party Wall etc Act 1996 provides a framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to party walls, boundary walls and excavations near neighbouring buildings.

A building owner proposing to start work covered by the Act must give adjoining owners notice of their intentions in the way set down in the Act. Adjoining owners can agree or disagree with what is proposed.

Where they disagree, the Act provides a mechanism for resolving disputes.
The Act is separate from obtaining planning permission or building regulations approval.

Modrics Surveyors

Modrics Surveyors


Modrics Surveyors
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Modrics Surveyors
Modrics Surveyors
Dawn Mannings
20:56 31 May 20
Did such a good job dealing with our party wall matters. Greatly appreciated. Thank you again for all your hard work
Modrics Surveyors
Steven Hawling
20:41 31 May 20
I have used this company for two residential surveys and cannot fault the service! Chloe is very professional and delivers an excellent customer experience. I was well informed on what information i would receive and when. Everything arrived when expected and Marcus was more than happy to talk through the reports. Highly recommend this company!
Modrics Surveyors
Edward Stevens
15:57 24 Apr 20
From my initial telephone call with Sabrina to the day of the site survey with Chloe and her subsequent face-to-face feedback I have been impressed with the professionalism and customer focused approach to what is a major decision in our lives... moving home. There was effective communication throughout the process and a very positive experience.
Modrics Surveyors
Katie Simons
19:51 23 Apr 20
Moved from Bristol to London for work and used Modrics Surveyors from a Homebuyer Survey. Would highly recommend the company and would use again on future property purchase. The service was very reliable and efficient, with excellent communication throughout the process. Survey was undertaken on Thursday and I've received the report the next day. The whole team was very professional, friendly and report provided the detail that I needed. Overall, highly recommend, 5 star service and a great value for money.
Modrics Surveyors
Sarah Jones
19:36 23 Apr 20
Professional, caring and very experienced. The surveyor took the time to run through the survey personally with me afterwards and provided plenty of hints and tips about me upcoming renovation job. 10/10 !
Modrics Surveyors
Emma Reeves
16:43 29 Jan 20
Chloe was recommended to me by a friend. They all delivered the service I was looking for. Always on hand to offer guidance and advice when I needed it. They were professional, efficient, courteous and and helpful from start to finish. The service was thorough, with Peter even taking the time to explain some matters in more detail to me over the phone. Extremely good value for money, I will certainly be using them again when the time comes
Modrics Surveyors
Aston Lowery
02:05 23 Jan 20
Prompt service, report within 48 hours of visit as promised. Telephone briefing directly after survey very useful. Report itself clear and understandable. Chance to raise any specific concerns/plans before the visit ensured these aspects were covered in the report. Would use again.
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